Stress Free Commute to Work

Get an affordable AC bus ride every day

Smart Mobility for Business

Get an affordable AC bus ride every day

Safer, Healthier & More Delightful Transportation

Get an affordable AC bus ride every day

Affordable Pricing

Travel daily from home to
office at affordable price and hassle-free

Comfort & Safety

Relax on comfortable seats,
protect yourself from rising pollution and temperature levels

Sanitized AC Buses

We incorporate stringent safety & health measures for your peace of mind when riding with us

Introducing the New BUSTIKET Smart Mobility.
It’s simply a better way to commute.

No more queueing, rushing or standing your way in a packed bus, now there is BUSTIKET Smart Mobility. It’s the easiest, hassle-free way to get to and from work every day in comfort and on time, every time

Book your seat on BUSTIKET Smart Mobility to enjoy more than just a comfortable ride

1. Discover best routes in and around your city

2. Choose a suitable time slot and book your seat

3. Get your bus details and track it in real time